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Save £7.50! Multibuy pack of 15 single-walled boxes of various sizes. 5 small boxes (355mm x 355mm x 355mm) 5 medium boxes (405mm x 405mm x 405mm) 5 large boxes (455mm x 455mm x 505mm)

Our wide range of packaging supplies are more than capable of enduring the stresses of moving and helping you to move your belongings from A to B in one piece.


Boxes, packing and storage accessories

Packing can feel stressful enough, and we hope no one has to go through unpacking a box to find a priceless family heirloom shattered to pieces as a result of using un-trustworthy packaging.

Our range of strong and sturdy flat-packed boxes make sure that your belongings are kept clean, safe and secure whilst in self storage. We also have secure padlocks, packing materials and accessories such as bubble wrap and packing tape which secure your belongings so that you have one less thing to worry about.

To ensure you have everything you will require for all of your moving and storage needs, simply browse through our online catalogue and order what you need.