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Why Tradesmen Should Use Business Storage Units

16 / 07 / 24

As a tradesman, you will have many essential tools that you need to take from job to job. However, transporting your tools or leaving them in your van can make them subject to theft or damage.

In this article, we explore the reasons why tradesmen should invest in business storage units, the benefits of using self storage and how Apex Self Storage can help.

Tradesmen and their tools

Tradesmen’s livelihoods rely on two things: their skills and their tools. Maintaining the condition of their tools is crucial to the success of their businesses and their growth potential.

It’s strongly recommended that tradesmen invest in an external location that keeps their equipment and other professional belongings safe. Business storage units are therefore an incredibly ideal solution.

Protection always

One of the main reasons why self storage facilities are an invaluable resource for tradesmen is because it keeps all of their equipment and tools safe, especially from thievery. Remember, it’s not only the costs required to replace the stolen tools, you might also have to pay for the damages sustained to your work vehicle.

Tradesmen also typically store electrical stock and client-specific equipment in their work vehicles, which tend to be higher in value or harder to replace and therefore are more prone to theft.

Apex Self Storage units provide you with 24-hour security, as well as a comprehensive CCTV and alarm system, and sturdy locks, giving you peace of mind over the safety of your professional belongings.

Tool preservation

Making sure your tools don’t get damaged, come rain or shine, is paramount, not only so you can save money on replacements, but also for the success and sustainability of your business. Tradesmen shouldn’t have to constantly replace their tools because something’s warped in the heat or gone rusty; they’ve got enough on their plate!

Staying sorted

It can be tricky to keep track of all your tools, especially if you have limited space. There’s always one piece of equipment that goes missing under the seat, never to be found again!

If you’re sick of rooting through your van every time you need a piece of equipment, using a business storage unit could be for you! Making the most of your self storage unit will give you plenty of space to stay organised, and even enable you to sort your tools per each job you’re contracted for.

The benefits of self storage

Ensuring 24-hour security as well as 24-hour access to your belongings, self storage facilities are a no-brainer.

Investing in a self storage unit is the truly best solution. Keep all of your tools preserved in boxes in your business storage unit, safe from the elements, and thievery. This ensures everything you need for your business remains organised, optimising the potential of your practice and avoiding any unnecessary expenses.

Using a self storage facility for your professional needs also allows you to expand your business with ease. Current or future employees can gain access to your stock, reducing the number of trips you’d otherwise have to take back and forth.

Not to mention, you can also store more items in a business storage unit than in the back of your car or van!

Apex Self Storage is the answer

At Apex Self Storage, we only charge you for the space you need, making our solution incredibly cost-effective for you and your business. Make your working life easier and less stressful with Apex Self Storage.

Do you have any further questions? Contact us to find out more about how our self storage units can change your life and how you can get a free quote.