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Office Decluttering Tips for Better Productivity

27 / 04 / 22

Office Decluttering Tips for Better Productivity

Decluttering office space is challenging for most businesses as they accumulate numerous paperwork, office furniture and work supplies. There is only so much that you can store in an office, especially in smaller environments, without affecting employees’ productivity and wellbeing.

Self storage offers businesses the opportunity to store office clutter and leave employees feeling energised and ready to work in a clean, tidy and organised environment.

According to the Workplace Organisation Survey, 41% of those asked believe that a tidy and organised workspace is key to enhancing productivity, and 2 in 5 admitted that a messy desk directly affects their performance. In this article, we discuss the office decluttering tips that will transform the environment you work in.

The importance of a clean office space

Any environment that is cared for will benefit mental health and wellbeing, but an office is where people need to be at the top of their game to produce good results. The benefits of a tidy workspace are endless, here are just a few.

100% focus

Clutter and mess can create multiple distractions, leading workers astray when trying to focus on work. Keeping the space around them clean and tidy with only the things you need on each desk will allow staff to focus on their work tasks.

Simple processes and increased efficiency

Despite digital work becoming the norm, most offices will still have an influx of paper documents lying around. The number of files a business keeps for records can quickly pile up, so having an organised system can help save time and energy when searching for specific documents.

Self storage is the perfect solution for companies who have an excess of documents they need to access often but no longer have the space to store in the office.

Positive vibes only

We all learned a thing or two from Marie Kondo in recent years, and if an item doesn’t spark joy, it’s time to get rid. Minimalists have expressed the wonders of clutter-free living for as long as the trend began – maybe it is time to embrace the Swedish way for an improved office atmosphere.

Improved employee health

Mess is stress. The more time employees spend looking for missing things or documents, the more uneasy and less productive they will feel. Clutter will also attract unwanted germs and bacteria, potentially affecting employee health. Organisation and cleanliness ensure a much safer environment for all.

Office decluttering tips

There are many steps you can take to prevent clutter from taking over. Here are just a few.

The mess begins at your desk

In an office environment, employees are most likely to spend a lot of their time at their desks, making it the most crucial area to keep tidy for better productivity. Say goodbye to non-essential items, and don’t let documents pile up before you decide to organise them. A minimalist desk prevents distractions and motivates employees to focus on their work.

Create an office inventory

Without getting too ahead of yourself, creating a detailed inventory is the best way to examine what you need to organise, store or get rid of. As you decide what is essential and what isn’t, consider what items you can put away until you need them, such as spare office furniture or old documents.

Keep electronics organised

As a business, having the latest technology in the office is preferred. Office electronics upgrade often, but what happens to the older systems? You can attempt to sell them, but where do they live before you receive an offer? Self storage can look after your electronics securely while you wonder what to do with them. For the electronics you wish to keep, you will want to keep them organised as neatly and as safe as possible – use cable organisers to prevent the risk of danger.

Re-arrange to create more space

After decluttering any unwanted items and giving the office a thorough clean, you have the optimum opportunity to re-arrange the room completely. Do you need every desk? Or the bookshelf in the corner now that you have decluttered or stored your documents? Consider removing unnecessary furniture to open up the room.

Is it time to rent a self storage unit?

Putting any non-essential office items away in storage is the most secure and sensible way to keep your office in perfect working order. Apex Self Storage is Manchester’s oldest independent storage company providing professional storage solutions for domestic and commercial clients since 1999. Get in touch with us today to discuss your storage needs.