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Clearing out storage units can feel time-consuming and difficult when you’re up against the odds. Click to read our guide on how to get it done efficiently.

The Ultimate Guide to Clearing Out A Storage Unit

19 / 04 / 23

The Ultimate Guide to Clearing Out A Storage Unit

When the time comes to think about clearing out storage units, you will need a plan in place to ensure the process runs smoothly. Without organisation, you may find yourself struggling to get everything sorted within a reasonable amount of time.

In this article, we cover the numerous ways you can sort a storage unit without the stress of wondering where to start.

Take an inventory

Tracking everything you have in your storage unit is the first step to getting the space for clearing. How much do you have stored under all of those boxes? It may take time, but without this crucial admin task, you’ll find yourself stuck on where to begin.

From here, you can clear out items by category, whether you keep, store, sell or get rid of them for good. A well-ordered list will gather the necessary items together for their new home.

To sell

One of the great benefits of a storage unit is that it allows you to keep items you are unsure of. Perhaps you have a few belongings you don’t necessarily need but are worried you might need in the future. If it’s been a few years and you forget about that item, selling is a way to make a profit.

You may want to keep the storage unit for some time and use it as a space to store items while you wait for them to sell, and you can use online selling platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Depop or eBay.

To get rid of

Some things have to go. Whether it’s old furniture or clothing, you may have to consider getting rid entirely. If it’s in good condition but not something worth taking the time to sell, you might consider giving it to charity rather than continuing to store it.

To keep

Unless you’re upgrading to a larger property, finding a place for everything that was once in a storage unit in your home is almost impossible. Think about why you had a storage unit in the first place – because you needed somewhere to store all your belongings that you aren’t using daily.

Keeping items from your storage unit is understandable, but only if you keep them for the right reasons. Whether it’s something sentimental or an item you could find a use for, as long as you have a reason to keep an item after storing it and have the space, you should manage to organise what you need.

Tips and tricks for a smooth process

  • Enlist help from loved ones: Friends and family can help make time fly by and support you, especially when getting rid of any sentimental items that no longer serve you.
  • Keep everything tidy as you go: Decluttering can cause more unwanted mess than unexpected, and once you start, it could become unmanageable if you don’t take control from the get-go. Ensure everything stays tidy throughout the process.
  • Use equipment: High-quality bin bags, cardboard boxes, labels and more can keep everything in place when things get a little stressful.
  • Hire a removals service: Take the pain out of stuffing boxes into your car and hire a trusted removals service to get you from A to B.

Apex Self Storage support

Clearing out storage units doesn’t have to be stressful. If you need more time, here at Apex Self Storage, we have numerous storage options to help you. Get in touch with us today for more information about clearing out a storage unit.