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5 Self-Storage Must Haves

16 / 07 / 24

Whether you’re a business owner, making space for a new member of the family or just trying to get organised, self-storage facilities can be a valuable solution to safeguarding your belongings. However, the amount of items you keep in your storage unit can get very quickly out of hand. Keeping your self-storage unit neat and tidy is really important to ensure you’re making the most out of your unit.

This article presents the best ways to ensure you optimise space and get the most out of your self-storage unit.

5 Must Haves for Optimal Storage

1) An Inventory List

Now this is an absolute essential to prevent your storage unit from descending into chaos. A full list of every item that you are storing in your unit will help you not only to optimise your limited space, but also to ensure you don’t lose anything important. It will be right there where you need it to be, and, crucially, at the right time.

Sketching a rough layout of your unit could also be very useful, allowing you not only to make the most of your space and identify any gaps, but also to know in what location everything is.

2) Shelving

Take advantage of the height of your storage unit by installing shelving! There’s plenty of vertical space in your self storage unit, make sure you use it.

Adding shelving allows you to optimise the space instead of stacking everything on the floor, where clutter rapidly builds and could therefore present a trip hazard. Additionally, it means that everything is available visually at a quick glance. This time-saving benefit is especially useful for business owners storing supplies and other tools, leading to easy and quick access.

What’s more, shelving also protects your stored items as there is a lowered risk of damage when your belongings are stored off the floor. Shelving is definitely the way to go.

3) Label maker

Similar to the inventory list, and especially if most of the items placed in the storage unit are particularly valuable, smaller or visually inaccessible (for example, being stored in a box), labelling everything will enable order and ease of identification. We recommend clearly labelling each box with the contents inside and any necessary instructions, especially in the case of the box’s contents being fragile or needing to remain upright. This will make everything easier to locate and decrease the risk of losing personal items.

4) ‘Russian Doll’ method

Everything can be used as storage. Even the items you’re storing. Make sure to utilise every nook and cranny of the dresser you’re storing, or a suitcase. You can fill these with clothing items (make sure you vacuum seal these for even more space!) or any other smaller items you wish to store. In addition to saving space, vacuum bags also protect your clothing from insects or any other damage that might occur in a self-storage unit; an extra tip from us!

5) Ensure walking space

Leaving room for aisles in your storage unit may not sound essential, but it will be to ensure you can make the most of your self-storage unit. Checking that everything will be physically accessible to you will be crucial when you need to remove any items or need to move things around to find something. Leave enough space for you to comfortably move around the unit, and have the ability to rifle through any boxes, but not so much as to waste valuable room for additional storage.

Keeping belongings or supplies you wish to access regularly at the front of the storage unit would also be extremely helpful, to save you from unnecessary movement around the unit and any time that could be wasted.

Maximise Potential with Apex Self Storage

It’s incredibly important to make the most out of your self storage unit so that you can get the best value for your money. At Apex Self Storage, we have a range of offers to suit your needs. So, unlock the potential of a storage unit by getting in touch with us today!